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Know the Facts - Change the Law
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Friday, May 7, 2010

YouTube - SWAT Raid . Cops Shoot Pets With Children Present


WARNING: If you are a piggy apologist, or have a weak Constitution, this video may not be for you. For those who do not believe this happens, watch and be educated.
Under the cover of darkness, a team of militarized SWAT agents enter a family home and immediately engage in gunfire — killing one of two family dogs (wounding the other), and likely inflicting lifelong trauma to the family's seven-year-old son. The end result of SWAT team's action? Police seized a small amount of marijuana (a few grams), and associated paraphernalia (a grinder). The man in the video ultimately pled guilty to misdemeanor drug charges and paid a $300 fine.
Imagine that - a SWAT raid, children traumatized for the rest of their lives - all for a $300 misdemeanor fine.

Columbia police officials are now reviewing the conduct in the video, which has sparked local and national outrage. It should. In 2004, 60 percent of Columbia voters approved The Columbia Smart Sentencing Initiative (Proposition 2), which amends the city criminal code to depenalize the possession of marijuana and associated paraphernalia to a fine-only offense. Nevertheless, police in Columbia are continuing to terrorize families over an activity that its citizens have deemed to be a minor offense punishable by a small fine.


If this video shocks and outrages you, join the Delaware Cannabis Society in demanding an end to police brutality in the name of a failed war on ganja consumers. Unlike NORML, we NEVER charge to join, and there are no dues. All it takes is for you to stand and be counted.


If you are not shocked and outraged, SHAME ON YOU, you have no soul.

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