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Monday, April 28, 2008

Overcoming the Yellow "Journalists" and mentally ill "fans"

Addendum Tuesday 4/22 - 3:00:

I have to laugh. I just got back from a writing workshop luncheon. After small discussion, befitting the small people the discussion was about, we quickly came to the conclusion that, much like prohibition itself, the "editorial" staff and the complainers are impotent and frightened by the success that the truth has in affecting people. So, make up a bunch of lies about what I said. They simply can't prove I ever wrote anything any differently than what they, themselves write. They suspend me and remove what I wrote with the goal of disrupting the timeline and hide the truth. They can't prove me wrong, which is why I had to be silenced.

I have given the staff at DOh a number of chances to answer the questions I have asked, which specifically ask point by point what rule of the TOS of Delaware Online did I break that was not instigated by one rabble rouser or another. I have waited long enough for a direct answer to specific questions with a proven timeline from their own web pages. They obviously have no rational defense for their actions.

I should not be surprised that someone has put pressure on the poor people frightened for their careers at Delaware Online. Someone TOLD them to shut me up.

They are all such drama queens, and so obviously deserate to silence the truth. They can't argue against the FACTS, which I discuss here (that they silence there). The only avenue left to them is character assasination. This proves how far the prohibitionists will go to try to silence the truth.

End addendum

I did have a long complaint about the unethical moron staff of Delaware Online suspending my account. But, they are obviously under pressure to supress the truth about ganja prohibition lies. Sad and funny at the same time. Sad because of the assault on civil rights, funny because if that's the way it is, it could not be happening to a more deserving bunch.

They are yellow because they can't tell right from wrong, and there is a huge yellow stripe down their backs from their fear of prohibitionist bullies. They must have some big, illegal skeletons in their closets that they are trying to hide...

Why is the GreenGanja member being reviewed? Permanent Link is the only blog message the member posted. What is the violation? Clearly, DOh is complicit in overtly censoring anyone even remotely supoprtive of legalization or Hempman. They rightly fear that the truth is revealing that prohibition is an unfounded nightmare justification for the selective persecution of people for something less dangerous than taking an aspirin.

Delaware Online continues to maintain my suspension with NO explaination. They have completely failed to point to a single item of the terms of service that justifies this suspension. They are being controlled by pigs who can not permit the truth to be told about ganja.


I do have to thank DOh member m1811 for the head's up that the website I will be reviewing next exists. Good job, dude! I had tried responding to the head's up in another forum, but could not do it justice, so I feel that it needs to be addressed here. Here is the link that was sent to me:

On the site, provided as a service by Harvard University to examine some of the issues about ganja, they provide some statistical data, most of it old and out of date - the website is from 1999 much of the data is even older than that, some succinct summaries of policies and problems, and they make some very interesting conclusions.m1811 was a bit obsessed with a certain, small portion of the medical statistics. You can read them yourself.

In addition to the dubious, vested interest sources of those statistics, I have already answered those antiquated claims and statistics with up to date, modern science in other blogs:

Pot Decriminalization Does Not Increase Marijuana Use, Scientific Journal Says,

American Psychiatric Association Assembly Unanimously Backs Medical Marijuana, and

Surgeon General and Mainstream Medicine Endorse Medical Marijuana

I will not waste space on them here.

We are more interested with the conclusions on this website from Harvard.

For instance, they say: "Given this enormous investment of not only money but also human resources and time, it is necessary to evaluate whether or not the program(s) have been effective." That statement refers to the approximately $40 - $60 BILLION each year spent on ganja law enforcement(estimated from state and federal spending), and the terrible costs in disrupted society and ruined lives from selective enforcement, and that despite those exorbitant costs, we are not seeing any effect. It is also a reference to inflated ganja prices that are 100 times a realistic retail value, which inflates the drain on the economy through consumer spending by some $70 BILLION a year.

The same Harvard website says, "The current structure for punishing and apprehending marijuana users has been largely ineffective in curtailing its use and has unduly burdened the criminal justice system." This statement points out the problems we still have today: Despite exorbitant spending on persecuting a very small fraction of ganja consumers nothing has changed. Anyone who wants ganja can get it. The DEA, FBI and DAWN report estimate that over half of American adults have tried ganja, and that between a quarter and a third use ganja on a regular basis, defined by the DEA as twice a month or more. In Delaware, estimates taken from these sources are that there are about 250,000 ganja consumers here.

Also, they hint at the rising prison population, of which today more than 800,000 people in prison for simple possession (from data provided by the FBI UCR and the DEA) which amounts to about a third of all people in prison.It should be no surprise to anyone that violent and other truly dangerous criminals are walking the streets.

The statement "If the war on drugs is, or should be, concerned primarily with keeping drugs from America's youth then it has been an overwhelming disappointment." is quite succinct. When one reads the DAWN report, it becomes clear very quickly that rates of ganja use in youth and children has mostly continued to go up.

The author asks, with supporting statistics "What if we legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes and nothing happened?" then quotes significant statistics from a government study that actually demonstrates that passage of Prop 215 legalizing medical marijuana in California actually resulted in "statistically significant reductions in use," that continue to decline. This is an exception to what is happening pretty much everywhere else in the U. S., except in states that have passed medical and decriminalization laws. This is significant for several reasons. These statistics illustrate that legalizing ganja does NOT lead to a gold rush of new ganja consumers, and in fact, legalizing ganja has had exactly the opposite effect.

The Harvard author also states: "In particular, given the known medical benefits derived from marijuana's use it is necessary to examine how the legalization of marijuana, particularly for medical purposes, would effect the current system and to analyze the shortcomings of the current regime." Even in 1999, Harvard is acknowledging that there are many known medicinal uses for ganja, and the ask why research into these known uses is being suppressed.

And, the website quotes one of their own, Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Associate professor of Psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School and author of Marihuana: The Forbidden Medicine. In that book, he says that the question is not "is it useful?" but rather, "why is the government so resistant to making it available to people who need the medicine?

The Harvard website goes on:"The fact that the government could better control marijuana if the government legalized it, lessen the burden on the criminal justice system, and there is enough evidence to demonstrate that the legalization of marijuana will not necessarily increase drug use and may in fact decrease it among young people, marijuana should be legalized and the current system dismantled."

Let's look at that last sentence again. Basically the author of the Harvard website says that even if there are some effects such as he points to elsewhere, they are insignificant in the bigger picture and "marijuana should be legalized and the current system dismantled." That's big. Harvard is saying that ganja should be legalized.

Also from the Harvard website, "In fact, even if marijuana were completely legalized for adults, it does not follow that marijuana is therefore advocated and sanctioned for use by children. Just as alcohol and tobacco are recreational drugs available to adults but not to children, it is possible to construct a legal regime whereby age restrictions keep children away from marijuana but adults are allowed to make their own choices."

Another of my readers Defcon4 states, "I agree that the individual should be considered when talking about MJ and alcohol use/abuse. Not everyone abuses. Some are destined to abuse (DNA, genetics, etc.) A lot of people can casually use either substance and be productive. Pre-existing conditions are a major factor. But nothing is 100%. Case studies are fine, but DO NOT represent every single individual or situation."

The answer is, all of this prohibition stuff is much ado about nothing. Every legitimate study from the Schaffer Commision to the Institute of Medicine has made that exact conclusion. These same studies also say that the very small number of people who get into trouble should not be used as a reason to arrest the other 99% who do NOT get into trouble. That is a significantly deficit method for making law.

Using that method of lawmaking, with 106,000 people literally dying from taking aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen EVERY YEAR (Mortality and Morbidity Reports), there should be a death penalty for the drug dealers who make and distribute those dangerous drugs. After all, there is no evidence that ganja use alone has ever killed anyone.

Prohibition is not a rational war; it never has been and it never will be. This is a moralistic war based on puritanical fear-mongering for the sole purpose of forcing people to not do something that a small number don't like. Period. (This link will be updated as soon as I copy the entry here. For now, the link is unreliable, given that the unethical staff at DOh could suspend my account any time they get a cop up their ...)

Congressmen Barney Frank and Ron Paul have entered a new bill to end federal penalties for personal possession of ganja when the congress returns to session. Many feel that it will not pass, or if it does that the president, whoever it is, will veto it. Recent polls by CNN and Time magazine show that about 80% of the American people are tired of seeing their friend's and family's lives, careers and families destroyed by the selective enforcement of a law with no basis in science.Let's be clear on this. There is no rational reason for this bill to not pass. The only reason is that some cops like the law as it is, since it gives them "discretionary" (unfair) power over people.

Hundreds of thousands of psychiatrists and hundreds of thousands more physicians, nurses, social workers and other health professionals have all called for ganja to be legalized. They have unanimously said that the law is more dangerous than ganja.

The only reason left for keeping and enforcing ganja laws is the self-serving, mean-spirited ideology of using force to stop some people from doing something just because a few people don't like it.

I would like to thank m1811 once again for pointing out this Harvard website that supports legalizing ganja. I might have missed this one if not for his guidance. I do recommend that m1811 read more than just the one or two insignificant bits of old data that _seem_ to support his blinkered position next time, though. Science has gotten so much farther since those stats were published that they are useless, except as a snapshot of prohibitionist lies.

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  1. I posted this blog on Delaware Online, brother in green freedom. Let us celebrate this 420 together later today.

  2. Well done, my friend, and welcome to the blogosphere. I'll save this site and put it on my own blogroll.

  3. Hempman welcomes GreenGanja and Shirley Vandever. Thanks for the Kudos!

    As I am sure that you are familiar with my writing, you know I will always tell the WHOLE truth about ganja. I will also be including other writings that are ganja inspired. Over the next weeks, I will be reposting other materials from DOh.

  4. Hey, just wanted to make sure you read the following from Reason Magazine:

    I also blogged it here:

    I plan to write in support, for whatever good it does.

  5. Congressman Ron Paul has entered the measure, H.R. 5843, known as an "Act to Remove Federal Penalties for Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults," the first federal decriminalization legislation introduced in 24 years, into the house of representatives..

    Please visit the recommended website to send a letter of support for this bill to your representatice. They make it real easy, just fill out an online form and they will send a letter or email of your support.

    I recommend the printed letter as many representatives give printed letters more attention than emails, and some don't pay attention to email at all.

    Click on this URL to take action now

    If your email program does not recognize the URL as a link,
    copy the entire URL and paste it into your Web browser.

  6. Yellow they are, freedom fighter. I guess that worm Shaun Gallager must have some illegal skeletons in his closet to be so afraid of a handful of Nazi piggies that he bans you and lets them lie and attack other people all the time. Either that or he's just stupid, which would explain why he's working for the Snews Urinal.

  7. Richard,I gotta be honest,i'm not grad 75(or his aliases)m1811 or defcon,just someone who took amusement watching all of you go at each other.
    I'm all for allowing medical marijuana under controlled circumstances by a doctors prescriotion,I agree that under a oz of ganga should be decriminalized but treat like a traffic ticket with a hefty fine to be only used to help people with drug problems.
    I was going to post this in doh but it was just too much fun watching all of the theatrics.

    I wish you were still on,somehow I feel cheated,it was likea online soap opera.

  8. Jose, I can see what you are saying. If nothing else, hempman inspired others to post things of interest to them. And at times, yes, it was amusing (at least hempman was literate, unlike some of the so-called “blogs” on Delaware Online).

    But I have to say, and this might be naïve of me, that I think of the online community as a way not only to express opinions, but also to educate and enlighten others and possibly make a difference in the world. Yeah, maybe considering the internet cowboys out there that is a pipedream. But, I have it nonetheless. I think the best course of action to handle lurkers and anonymous posers is to simply ignore them. They are a waste of energy and take time away from your real purpose.

    We each have our own causes and interests. Most people just complain about everything instead of taking action. I admire someone who takes a particular cause, researches it, becomes and expert, and then pursues it in a smart way.

    I don't find any amusement in online soap operas. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good argument, it's just that in the anonymous world it gets out of hand.

    Based on hempman's information, I am now aware of the two bills recently introduced in Congress regarding the decriminalization of marijuana. And I don't even smoke, I just think it is a personal choice issue. I will be writing our representatives to express my views.

    I hope that others do the same, instead of just b**tching about it.

    Just my two cents, for what it is worth.

  9. The soap opera are all the contibutors, of course. Eventually you do make a statement.

    You say: "I'm all for allowing medical marijuana under controlled circumstances by a doctors prescriotion,"

    My question to you is: Why should it be important what anyone will “allow”? The relationship between a patient and doctor is paramount. How do you come to this conclusion? I have provided several blogs with complete enough reference that anyone can use any search engine and verify the credence of what I blog about. It is you posting on a blog filled with modern science and medicine references.
    So we are discussing this amongst the facts on which I base my opinion that ganja is less dangerous than aspirin, and should be treated as such.

    You say: "I agree that under a oz of ganga should be decriminalized but treat like a traffic ticket with a hefty fine to be only used to help people with drug problems.

    I ask you: This is really two statements.

    First - The decision about what dosage and strength of any medication is a matter best left to the patient and doctor working on a private relationship, Cops should not have anything to say about an area for which they are untrained.

    Second - How do you come to the conclusion that cops have the training and knowledge to tell who has what kind of health problem, let alone what treatment, including type and dose of medication a patient needs? Are you medically qualified to dictate the medical options of hundreds of millions of people?

    Don't worry, joser, you are a part of the soap opera. You did not miss the tryouts.

  10. Hempman, you've pretty much nailed it. I wanted to ask about the Ron Paul legaliztion bill, what's it say about how people would get marijuana. But, I read the bill and it sets limits of a quarter pound of pot and no profit transfer of marijuana of an ounce at a time. This seems a little restrictive but seems to be about a two week supply for most patients.

  11. I am always amazed that ganja is still illegal when I read the facts. How is it that so many doctors say that ganja is safe, but the politicians will listen to cops instead of doctors?


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