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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

UD fraternity fined $50,000 in hazing after drinking death of freshman

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Compared to the mass murder caused by alcohol, ganja is a barely a jaywalker.

November 25, 2009

UD fraternity fined $50,000 in hazing after drinking death of freshman

The News Journal

WILMINGTON -- The local chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity at the University of Delaware was fined $50,000 by a judge for hazing following last year's death of a freshman at an off-campus party.

According to the Delaware Attorney General's office, a representative of the Delta Lambda chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu did not appear at last week's arraignment, after also skipping a previous proceeding, and so no one was present to oppose the state's motion for a judgment against the chapter.

Court of Common Pleas Chief Judge Alex J. Smalls then fined the group $50,000 and entered a no-contact order with the state of Delaware "until the fine is paid and an interview takes place with the Attorney General's office."

Jason Miller, a spokesman for Attorney General Beau Biden, said the office was pleased with the court's decision which "prevents this fraternity from operating in the state of Delaware and sends a message to other fraternities that this behavior is not acceptable."

No representative of the chapter could be located for comment.

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