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Know the Facts - Change the Law
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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Delaware Cannabis Society Meeting Minutes

As we continue to make the Delaware Cannabis Society an open organization that costs nothing to join but your own dedication to re-legalizing ganja for everyone, we will now post our meeting minutes, agendas and updates to our blog site at and through our email lists.
We have weekly meetings on Thursday evenings, but may be moving the time to accommodate more people. Many who showed up for past Thursday's meeting at Bourbon Street on Philadelphia Pike in Claymont said the location was great (we now even have a dining room dedicated to our meetings!), but we might need to consider a different night. Let us know if Thursday night at 8:00 PM is good for you!
Bourbon Street was great. They have decent enough food for a good price, and as a restaurant/tavern they can accommodate all ages.
We also want to conduct monthly meetings in Dover. Since no one from the Dover area was able to come to this meeting, we are asking people from Dover to volunteer to scout a reasonable meeting place for us.
You do not have to call before hand, you can scout, visit a location, and talk to management about a local group who wants to hold club meetings there. You do not have to be specific about what we do. Email or call (302) 439-0313 with what you find out. If several people scout locations, we will present them all for consideration. It is also good to have a backup plan just in case.
Membership has been stagnant, which usually happens this time of the year. But it is important to remember that all the stuff that happens over the Spring and Summer have to be developed now. Even small events take advance planning. We can provide many resources, but all of it takes advanced planning.
We have money for promotion, at the moment. But, there is no money for production. What that means is that if any given city on the present list (Wilmington, Newark, Dover), or any other location, wants to do something bigger than simply walking the street and handing out posters, we will need to plan on what we will be doing, budget what will be needed, and find financing and do fundraisers ASAP.
Without support, the Wilmington leg of the march may be moved to Claymont this year, as locals there have started planning and want to do fundraising. If you want to help support Wilmington at Rodney Square for the march, let us know. Next week we will decide if we want to keep Wilmington as a sponsored city.
We talked about Senate Bill 94. The consensus, after much serious consideration of the exact wording of the bill, as well as statistics from other states with such bills, Delaware's almost non-existent ganja arrest rate and the nature of ganja arrests, the group has so far decided that while we remain committed to helping patients, SB 94 is not the vehicle for rational law reform. Unless ganja is re-legalized, no patient is truly safe, and bills such as SB 94 encourage cops to arrest more of everyone else.
It was great to see a dozen activists come together and talk so positively about serious re-legalization activity this past Thursday, let's keep building on what we have.
Remember to add the blog to your list of regular websites to visit, since some information that we may discuss at meetings may only be posted there. Please feel free to make use of the Delaware Cannabis Society communications system as it grows. Visit the blog to call us and leave a message. Selected messages will be posted on the blog and may be distributed through email updates.
Unlike other organizations, you are not forced to attend meetings (though it would be great to see more people at meetings). If you follow the materials on the blog, and write before a meeting, we can accommodate reading your comments into the meeting minutes.
We will also post appropriate video comments. Contact us if you want to make a video comment.
We will also be accommodating video comments at future meetings.
Please take a few moments to send emails to your representatives and senators demanding the re-legalization of marijuana.
The links to send free emails to your state congress critter along with suggested text are at
Send emails to your State Senator and Representative FREE!
(302) 439-0313

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