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Friday, January 15, 2010

MEETING UPDATE for Jan 14, 2010

For those who have been keeping track on the Delaware Cannabis Society and Hempman blogs, you probably know that meetings to set up the Cures Not Wars Million Marijuana March for Wilmington, Newark and Dover started about a month ago. You probably also know that we have been meeting at Bourbon Street on Philadelphia Pike in Claymont on Thursdays at 8:00 PM.
You also probably know that the way we run the Delaware Cannabis Society is with the emphasis being on making it easy and inexpensive for anyone to be an active member. We charge no membership fees, for instance. Outside of required quarterly business meetings, other meetings can be held in a variety of ways. These organizational and activism meetings are usually held by member interest.
Member interest in a physical meeting this week was very low. Most people feel like we can deal with the things discussed in the last meeting either through phone calls (439-0313 for more information), or dedicated list discussions via email. There is no meeting this coming week unless members ask for one.
As there has been no interest in any aspect of the DCS projects in the Newark and Dover area, we are scaling those projects way back. If you are a DCS member in one of those areas, perhaps you could help with projects and not let those areas fade away.
Here is what we are asking members to work on for the next two weeks.

Membership Drive:

Unlike other organizations, Delaware Cannabis Society only supports legislation that actually improves the prohibition problems. Bad laws such as Senate Bill 94 that make it harder for patients to get medicine and/or create bad prohibition law are not progress. SB 94 will only protect a small, rich base of patients at the expense of the liberty of others. DCS is for ALL uses of ganja.
DCS never charges a membership fee. All that is required of members is that they do something. Members must either choose to be in the phone tree or use the blog and email lists. Most people choose the digital route over the phone tree. Members should try to attend at least the four business meetings each year.
Nonetheless, every project needs members to make them happen. I know that every single person on this list knows others who are interested in re-legalizing ganja. Have a meeting with them, no matter how formal/informal. Talk about the items on the club agenda. Get back to the blog or email list and let us all know what you talked about or did and either come to the next scheduled meeting to make a report, or simply write on list. Better yet, get your group to sign up for the email/blog lists so everything becomes automated.


The next meeting is pretty much the deadline for fundraising ideas. As we talked about in the last two meetings at Bourbon Street, without fundraising, Wilmington, Newark and Dover will be very simple events once again. The only members coming to meetings want to spent the available money on an even in the North Wilmington area.
Unless some groups step forward to do fundraising in those areas soon, it will be too late to do anything this year. Don't let that discourage you from taking part in other ways, the marches will still be held.


After discussing the actual contents of Senate Bill 94 in detail, the consensus remains that DCS can not support SB 94. No one has had a cogent argument for supporting SB 94. Several members who are also patients who could benefit from SB 94 agree that they would not want their illness to be used as a tool to pass bad legislation that makes things worse for others.
If you want to discuss the talking points about our non-support of SB 94, either read the blog (that's what it is for) or email or call 439-0313.
We really wish we could find a cogent reason to support SB 94. If you think you have a good point, let us know. This is a great topic for your group's meetings.

Next Scheduled Meeting

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

8:00 PM

 The Dining Room of Bourbon Street

Philadelphia Pike in Claymont

Agenda to be posted on the blog
Call for directions: (302) 439-0313

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