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Know the Facts - Change the Law
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Ganja IS Free!

Every day
holds the promise of
new birth.
A theme on which I have written in the past is one I would like to revisit today. Many people may have thought of this themselves, and may not know - they have found the truth and should share this truth with friends and loved ones to defeat the hate and lies.
Others who know, but are afraid to speak out in fear of retaliation.
I say: United We Stand.
Some don't know. I ask those to read on. Read each part carefully, consider what is said even more carefully.
I hope everyone who reads this continues to spread the truths.
Without getting all polit-icky about ganja, let's ask ourselves a burning question: Why is ganja not legal?
Here in Delaware ganja almost is legal. Only a fraction of Delaware's ganja consumers, somewhere around a hundredth of one percent, see a cop any given year. Written mathematically, that would be one person arrested every year for every one thousand Delawareans who consume ganja in that same year.
Prohibitionists have already lost their little moralistic war based. The state can simply never arrest enough Delaware ganja consumers to have any impact. They can not afford the costs to society, and they can not afford the cost in taxes.
The sheer number of consumers means people who want to consume ganja are going to get away with that.
A side effect of that many ganja consumers in Delaware should be empirical proof of whether claims about ganja consumers and the effects of consuming ganja have any credence.
With 250,000 regular ganja consumers in Delaware (according to the FBI UCR statistics), if men were growing breasts (an old myth propagated by the federal government to demonize ganja consumers) one would expect to see people who one knows consume ganja to start growing breasts where the had none previously.
With that many ganja consumers, one would expect to see such consumers who can't drive because their reactions are off.  Such accidents would be easily documentable, except it seems that despite increased ganja consumption (coupled with significantly decreased ganja arrests in Delaware) there are actually fewer accidents than in the past (per capita).
Medical groups from the top down all call for some form of ending prohibition.
Many readers may be aware of the pain and muscle problems of a sprained back. Well, the prolapsed disks in my spine are a severely sprained back that has not healed in any significant way in about 13 years, in spite of several attempts at getting treatment to relieve the problems.
I know ganja gives me relief. And the side effects are minimal. Instead of covering all pain, it is primarily that moment to moment pain from which I obtain meaningful relief. But, the ability of my body to report new pain is not heavily influenced. I can still tell if I should not be lifting that box or sweeping the sidewalk or even running the vacuum.
I know, marijuana IS medicine.
Nonetheless, I think it would be unconscionable and unethical of me to demand just a little more safety at the cost of increasing Delaware's arrest rate for any other group. After all, patients just are not being arrested for using ganja in Delaware.
So, what is missing? A conscious recognition of the facts by Delaware's legislature? Well, sort of. Many politicians have already acknowledged that the laws are not only overpriced, they are ineffectual. The only way cops arrest ganja consumers are when they are charged with ganja crime incident to some other crime, or incident to a traffic stop.
So, what do we do about this mess we're in?
I know. And, I will share, free. That's the whole purpose, to free ganja consumers from the present state of persecution.
The present scheme prevents responsible consumers from growing their own. And, prohibition prevents a competitive, regulated marketplace while encouraging the price gouging of the black market.
So, what's the secret, you ask? The secret is you. You have the power to change things and get ganja re-legalized. Stop buying into the fear-mongering of the politicians. Even the cops are not buying the nonsense any more.
You have to talk about re-legalization. And not that wimpy medical marijuana subterfuge silliness. Once upon a time, I would have said that medical laws were a foot in the door. Well, that door has been wedged open for many years. At one time or another over the past few decades, thirty three states have had medical marijuana laws at one time or another. At the moment thirteen states have some form of medical marijuana law. Delaware has a pretty powerful medical necessity defense that has protected patients for the last twenty years.
People are basically not being arrested, and no one is getting hurt. Why pass an unnecessary "medical" marijuana law? Why not simply legitimize the present defacto legalization Delaware already enjoys?
YOU have to speak up to the politicians. If you believe in protecting the patients, don't get behind a law like SB 94 that will actually make things worse for most patients. The only way all patients will be protected is if ganja is re-legalized.
Call your politicians and tell the, Senate Bill 94 would be a step backwards. The only real progress would be to officially recognize that ganja should not be illegal. If you can't find your politician, visit the blog and look for the links to other sites that will find you politician for you. Phone them, write to them, visit them.
That's where the Delaware Cannabis Society will help. With many years of training, and long experience in the media and with the government, we know the ins and outs of personal lobbying.
If you want to form a group in your area, we will help you set it up - all of our training and assistance is provided absolutely free. We also provide materials for special events, free. That's right, we do not charge you to join us, or buy our advertisement materials, like NORML or many other so-called law reform organization$. And, our resources are your resources, free when we can get 'em.
Clearly, without YOU no ganja law reform group could make ANY progress. It has been Delawareans who helped reduce our ganja arrest rate so low.
So, if you want to know what the issues are so you can speak clearly and concisely when you phone your politician, if you would like help learning and applying personal lobbying, if you would like to get together and visit our politicians and talk to them about re-legalizing ganja, if you want help creating a local event or if you would like to take part in the many classes and events produced by the Delaware Cannabis Society, just contact us.
That is how we will get ganja re-legalized.
Now that the serious stuff is over, its time to light up a nice pipeful.
Visit the blog regularly
Call us - (302) 439-0313.
        Visit the blog and even your long distance phone call could be free.

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