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Know the Facts - Change the Law
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


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As this article helps illustrate, ganja arrests in Delaware are limited. In this case, the man was a criminal who just happened to have ganja. In fact, no one gets arrested for ganja in Delaware unless they are committing (have committed) another crime or are careless and get stopped for traffic violations.

Patients simply are not being arrested. Senate Bill 94 is nothing but a stalking horse to encourage more arrests of recreational and religious consumers while PRETENDING to display concern for patients.

But, the reality is that Senate Bill 94 is the worst possible legislation and will set actual ganja law re-legalization efforts back 40 years.

It makes no more sense to say that Roderick had ganja than reporting that he had a pack of cigarettes. How would SB 94 have separated this man's actions from his ganja consumption? How would SB 94 separate traveling with a bad automobile registration or no license from having ganja in one's possession?

While there are probable cause provision that say that registering for an ID card under SB 94 is not to be used as probable cause, it does not say anything about reasonable suspicion. So, a search warrant could not be issued based solely on SB 94 registration for ID, such registration could be reasonable suspicion and could be sufficient to open an investigation to discover other actual probable cause.

Ultimately, I am trying to craft a reasonable, responsible position that would re-legalize ganja. Given the specific wording of SB 94, and its extreme, intentional limitations on who the bill applies to, and given the history of ganja related arrests in every state that has passed similar laws, this tells me that SB 94 is a very bad idea.

But, Delaware Cannabis Society represents all ganja consumers, so we want you to weigh in on the issues of SB 94.

Please take a few moments to call our new phone system and tell us what you think. Your message about re-legalizing ganja or the passage of SB 94 could end up representing the views of others on our website. Please Call - (302) 439-0313. Or email a response to or comment on this post on the blog at


WEAPONS, DRUG CHARGES: A 19-year-old man was arrested by Wilmington police after allegedly breaking into a car. Police responded just before 3 p.m. Friday to the area of 20th St. and Baynard Blvd. for reports of a suspicious man who witnesses said broke into a car. Police responded and tried to arrest but he broke free and was Tasered. He was arrested and police found he had a loaded .22-caliber gun and three bags of marijuana. Roderic Grady Jr. was charged with weapons and drug offenses. He was released on $2,500 bail.

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