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Know the Facts - Change the Law
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Trooper bit by dog during DUI stop

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Yet another case that proves we do not need Senate Bill 94. Exactly how would SB 94 have addressed this incident?
This incident illustrates that everyone in Delaware arrested for ganja charges is either incident to the commission of an actual crime, or a traffic offence. How does this woman's alcohol intoxication have anything to do with ganja in her purse?
Patients are not being arrested, thanks in great part to the presently available affirmative defense of ALL patients. How, exactly, would SB 94, which will dismantle the protection available to all patients and replace that with a limited definition and new laws against recreational and religious ganja consumers, make things better in that respect? By encouraging more arrests of patient not on the intentionally limited list of acceptable "debilitating medical conditions"? Will things be better when cops are encouraged to arrest more recreational consumers under the new crimes SB 94 creates?
Hempman says: Just Say Know. Know the real circumstances, know the law, know the facts. Just say NO to SB 94. Demand real, rational change. Delaware should not even be debating SB 94, but instead should be making into law the defacto legalization which we are already enjoying.
Can you prove me wrong?
As always, unlike NORML or MPP or any of the self-serving acronyms, we are here for REAL change and do not charge you a membership fee to fight for your own rights.
Please forward these posts to your friends and other ganja friendly people. We are in the position to demand real change. Let's get to it!
Meeting for organizing for the Mayday events are coming up. Let me know when you'd like to set up meetings in your area. Any new areas that want to hold a march and want to get their location on the posters need to respond ASAP.
PHONE: (302) 439-0313
December 4, 2009

Trooper bit by dog during DUI stop

The News Journal

A trooper who stopped an impaired driver and then helped catch her runaway dog was bitten by the dog in return.

The dog was quarantined by the SPCA.

The trooper was treated at Christiana Hospital for a bite to the forearm.

The incident occurred about 6:30 a.m. on northbound U.S. 13 near the St. Georges Bridge in Middletown, state police spokesman Senior Cpl. Jeff Whitmarsh said.

The trooper was sent to investigate several reports that a reckless motorist was weaving back and forth in traffic.

Officers in the area found the suspected vehicle at the St. Georges Bridge, still weaving back and forth.

When they stopped the Buick LeSabre, the driver – Agnes Jenkins – showed obvious signs of impairment and there were bottles of alcohol in the car, Whitmarsh said.

Jenkins was arrested for drunken driving, he said.

Marijuana was found in her purse, he said.

Before the car was towed and impounded, the trooper tried to make arrangements for the dog while Jenkins was in custody.

Jenkins removed the hound dog from the car and then lost control of the leash, Whitmarsh said.

The dog started to run into northbound traffic on U.S. 13.

The trooper, who is also a K-9 officer, grabbed the dog to prevent it from being run over, and the dog bit the trooper in the forearm.

Jenkins, meanwhile, was charged with DUI, driving while suspended, failure to have insurance and possession of marijuana.

She was released on the traffic charges and turned over to the court, which had an active warrant out for her arrest.

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