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Know the Facts - Change the Law
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Traffic and other crime continue to be the only reasons ganja consumers are being arrested

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I continue to ask: Exactly what, other than a very tiny number of patients getting to pretend that they are protected (at the cost of further criminalizing everyone else) is to be gained through the passage of SB 94?

For the record, I have sent letters to all of Delaware’s politicians outlining why SB 94 is unconstitutional – a violation of equal protection as required by both the United States Constitution as well as Delaware’s constitution. I also pointed out that the real experts in ganja law reform, from Dr. Lester Grinspoon, as well as long time ganja law reform activists such as myself, say that the best – only way to protect all patients is to re-legalize ganja, not through ill-conceived “medical” marijuana laws.

I also pointed out that only a few Delawareans are presently being arrested, asked where the proof is that not arresting people would be so devastating (since we are already not arresting ganja consumers), and demanded that they do NOT support SB 94, but instead seek to re-legalize ganja.

A North Carolina man was arrested after police found a loaded gun and marijuana in his car when he was stopped for speeding near the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

Traffic or other crime still the only reasons for ganja arrests

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