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Know the Facts - Change the Law
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Every Pot Dispensary in County Illegal, D.A. Declares

The headline below is just another highlight of the failure of so-called "medical" marijuana laws. This is exactly the route Delaware would be following if Senate Bill 94 gains any momentum.
SB 94 is a fraud. SB 94 destroys existing case law in Delaware that allows a medical necessity affirmative defense to be raised by any patient and replaces that with a tiny list of seven illnesses. The Senate Health and Social Services committee demonstrated this is SUPPOSED to be limiting as they actually acted to remove glaucoma from the list of "approved" diseases. Worst yet, the legislature has clearly signaled that they want more recreational and religious consumers arrested by including THREE NEW crimes in SB 94.
The inclusion of language in SB 94 to look into setting up a dispensary system is already moot, since the federal Supreme Court has already said such dispensaries are illegal.
I have not heard one cogent reason for supporting Senate Bill 94. I am a chronic pain sufferer due to severe spine damage. I was one of the original handful of complainants in the Philadelphia Federal Class Action for Cannabis Therapeutics suing the federal government to rescind cannabis prohibition.
Do NOT support Senate Bill 94. Instead, demand that the defacto legalization we are already enjoying in Delaware is made into law.

Please take a few moments to send emails to your representatives and senators demanding the re-legalization of marijuana.

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Every Pot Dispensary in County Illegal, D.A. Declares
Voters in California legalized the medical use and sale of marijuana to patients with doctors' prescriptions, but Cooley and new City Attorney Carmen Trutanich said Thursday that a state Supreme Court opinion issued last year makes pretty much all dispensaries in the state illegal because they sell the drug over-the-counter instead of via highly regulated pharmacies.

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