Know the Facts - Change the Law

Know the Facts - Change the Law
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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Los Angeles County D.A. prepares to crack down on pot outlets --

First, kudos to our readers and reporters who gave us this story as it broke on the 9th, more than a week before NORML discovered the story (backtracks show they've been visiting our blog. Maybe they took the story from us? Again.).
As readers of our blog know, I have already been reporting on and predicting more law enforcement in states that passed ill-conceived medical marijuana legislation. The ONLY rational action Delaware can take is to demand re-legalization. Medical Marijuana law in the form of SB 94 is not only not needed, but WILL be counter-productive fraud that will not only protect fewer patients than current Delaware law, and will encourage more arrests of religious and recreational ganja consumers.
In this version of the report, note that the DA claims that NONE OF THE DISPENSARIES ARE OPERATING LEGALLY and also announces that he will be prosecuting doctors.
I have not heard one cogent reason for supporting Senate Bill 94. I am a chronic pain sufferer due to severe spine damage. I was one of the original handful of complainants in the Philadelphia Federal Class Action for Cannabis Therapeutics suing the federal government to rescind cannabis prohibition.
I want ganja to be available to patents like myself to treat our disease, but NOT at the cost of stalling more rational legislation nor at the cost of arresting more recreational and religious consumers. I refuse to be fooled into bad thinking that SB 94 could be a stepping stone. It has NOT worked that way in one single state, what makes anyone think it could happen in DEAlaware?
Do NOT support Senate Bill 94. Instead, demand that the defacto legalization we are already enjoying in Delaware is made into law.

Please take a few moments to send emails to your representatives and senators demanding the re-legalization of marijuana.

The links to send free emails to your state congress critter along with suggested text are at

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