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Know the Facts - Change the Law
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Friday, October 30, 2009

How to Send Mail - Marc Emery's MySpace Blog |

Marc has been a wonderful supporter of the Delaware Cannabis Society, along with many other grassroots activists. It is no stretch of truth to say that Marc did a world more to help reduce the arrest rate and change ganja laws in Delaware than NORML, MOO and DPF combined. Marc sent us hundreds of dollars, magazines and various novelty items to sell and give away over the years, and was a major contributor who paid for many of our High Times and Cannabis Culture advertisements. Not Drug Policy Foundation, not Marijuana Policy Project and especially not NORML has ever provided ANY direct help with actual, rational ganja law reform in Delaware, and I would venture to say the rest of the United States.

Please take a few moments to at least write a letter to the true Prince of Pot and thank him for helping to get Delaware's ganja arrest rate down from over 8,000 people a year to only a few more than 200.

Thanks Marc!

Please write to Hempman at the Delaware Cannabis Society if you are interested in helping us with a fundraiser to give back to Marc with much needed help in his resistance to extradition to the United States. Our event could well be the one that helps free Marc Emery!

How to Send Mail to Marc Emery - Marc Emery's MySpace Blog

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