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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grow from seed? Indeed!

The following article is just good advice for collecting viable seeds for the gardener in all of us! This standard advice for seed gathering for the purposes of reproduction is invaluable for preserving and replicating those wonderful tastes, smells and other sensory delights in your favorite crops.

From the News Journal.

Grow from seed? Indeed!

Expand and enrich your garden by harvesting seeds from native flora

A change of seasons is in the air. I'm sure you can feel it.

The best time to collect dry seeds is usually as they begin to turn brown. With wet seeds, fruits should be collected when they reach their peak color or begin to soften.
Regardless of whether the seeds are wet or dry, they need to be collected before wind or wildlife disperse them.
When cleaning the seeds, it is very important to remove all plant parts other than the seeds; this reduces the potential for rot or diseases attacking the seeds.
For dry seeds this is straightforward; just remove them from other dried material.
Before you do too much seed cleaning work, take a few seeds and do a simple "cut test" to determine if the seeds you've collected are viable. Cut a few seeds in half and make some observations.
Are the seeds completely full or are there voids indicating incomplete development? Is the "meat" (endosperm) of the seeds firm and generally white, or is it mushy and off-color, indicating disease or insect damage?
After researching methods for germinating seeds from the plants you've collected, you need to prepare the seeds for germination. Seeds need to meet certain requirements for successful germination.
Some seeds only need moisture to germinate. They simply soak up water (imbibing) to begin the germination process.

After all these requirements are met, sow the seeds in a container of sterile soil. Generally, the seeds should be covered with soil to the depth of two to four times the diameter of the seed.
Place the container in a warm place and keep the soil moist until seed germination starts, usually in one to four weeks.


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